The Novels

Entanglement 1 - book set

Nigel has written nine novels; all of which are available in the form of ebooks, for download from Amazon Kindle. As well as the ebooks, the six books in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles are also available in paperback format. 

Nigel’s tenth novel, (the seventh in the McAllister Chronicles), is provisionally entitled Maze, and is planned for 2022.

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The first three of his novels all sprung from the original stage plays, expanding and extending the stories to their full length.  For example, the stage versions of The Damning Of Henry Morgan and Scartato cover approximately the first third of each of the corresponding novels.  

Originally written as a screenplay, and then a stage version, the novel version of Second Death fills in a great deal more of the background of the characters and the world in which they live, and explores the implications of the main concept in more detail than was possible within the confines of the play.

It has been something of a surprise to Nigel that the original Hamish McAllister story has now led to a series of seven subsequent novels (but he suspects that seven might be quite enough!)

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