Entanglement is the sixth novel in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles.

Entanglement 1 - book set


If you haven’t read the previous five novels in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles, or even if you have, and you don’t want any clues as to what happens in the sixth novel, don’t read any further….


It's hard to kill someone who's already dead. And in the virtual world, there's nowhere left to hide. To kill McAllister and Singh, the virtual world has to be destroyed.

And someone has worked out how to do it.

Entanglement is the sixth book in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles, and tells the story of Randolph Clinton's return to power and influence, and his plan to destroy the virtual world as part of his ultimate personal revenge on the religious fanatics who murdered his family.

Entanglement is available in paperback, and as a Kindle ebook.

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