Murdering The Messiah

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Murdering the Messiah is the fourth book in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles.


If you haven’t read the previous three novels in the Hamish McAllister Chronicles, or even if you have, and you don’t want any clues as to what happens in the fourth novel, don’t read any further….


In the process of transmuting him back to the real world, something has gone very wrong: Hamish’s body has been successfully resuscitated, but his mind remains trapped in the virtual world.

Back in the real world, someone – or something – has taken over his body. But who – or what – has inhabited it?

Can Hamish prevent his real self from becoming the spark that ignites a global conflict, or will his nemesis’ quest for revenge drag humanity into the ultimate Armageddon?

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Murdering the Messiah is available in paperback, and as a Kindle ebook.

To buy the book, go to: Amazon Kindle

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